Competition Format

Maximising Involvement

  • Development Festivals involve playing smaller sided games on smaller pitches.
  • Fewer players leads to an increased challenge and level of involvement. This provides greater opportunity to develop individual technical skills in both attack and defence. The greater level of involvement also requires players to make more decisions, and therefore increases their knowledge and understanding of Rugby League.
  • A reduced playing area requires players to develop a range of evasion skills and also utilise fundamental passing and catching skills in order to create attacking opportunities.

Ensuring competitiveness

  • Both teams must have a chance of winning before the game, so equalling out playing numbers and ability levels is essential.
  • Every effort is made to maintain competitiveness. Short game periods allow for players to recover and provide opportunity to review performance.
  • One-sided scorelines provided minimal opportunity for development, and can often reinforce bad habits and limit game awareness. Mixing ability levels is therefore encouraged.