Competition Rules

Team Sizes

  • Teams will consist of a minimum of 6 players, and a maximum of 11 players.*
  • Team sizes are adjusted to ensure that all players have maximal involvement, and – wherever possible – there are no substitutes.
  • Should one team have fewer players, the game is played with two teams comprising equal numbers. Coaches are encouraged to pool players in order to maximise participation.
In such circumstances, all players have equal time guesting for the opposition.

*Recommended minimum team size is 8 players. For example, if two clubs each have 18 players, team sizes should be adjusted to form two 9-a-side games instead of three 6-a-side games.

Match Duration

  • Playing duration to be 40 minutes
  • Nominally the game can be played in two halves. The maximum length of each half to be 20 minutes with a five minute half time interval.
  • Depending on team sizes, playing periods can be amended at the discretion of coaches/managers. For example, the 40 minutes could be divided in to four 10-minute periods.

Pitch Dimensions

  • Pitch dimensions should be amended at the discretion of coaches/managers to ensure a competitive game.
  • Recommended maximum dimensions for 11-a-side pitch are 80m x 50m.
  • When team sizes are smaller, the pitch dimensions above should reduce by approximately 5m per player.

General Rules

Subject to any modifications below, games will be played under the International Laws of Rugby League.

  • The game is played with a size four standard Rugby League ball.
  • The six tackle rule applies.
  • The game commences with a place kick-off from the centre line at the beginning of each half by:
  1. At the start of the first half the team who loses the toss of a coin for choice of playing ends.
  2. At the start of the second half, by their opponents.
  • Following a tackle, the ball must be played backwards with the foot. The team in possession must retire behind the acting half-back.
  • Following a tackle, the defending team should retire 5m at each play-the-ball.
  • Up to two active defensive markers to be present at the play-the-ball restarts. The ball is in play once it is picked up by the dummy half.
  • Dummy half can run without forfeiting possession if tackled.
  • Kicking in general play is permitted (no drop goals).
  • No goal kicks to be taken after a try has been scored in order to omit the need for goal posts.**
  • Following a try, the restart of play from the halfway line will be from a tap by the team who have conceded.
  • No scrums are required to restart play.
  • Forward passes and knock-ons will result in a turnover of possession to the opposition. Play will restart from a zero tackle play-the-ball.
  • When the ball goes into touch, play will restart with a tap 10m in from the touchline.
  • Teams awarded penalties will restart play with a tap.
  • Periods of temporary suspension (sin-bin) will be for 5 minutes duration.

**If goal posts are available, then an additional place-kicking competition can be organised at the conclusion of the game. All players should be equally involved.